If you can dream it, we can draw it!

What can you do with a custom cartoon? Frequently asked questions
.How does this work?
For $250 per page, we'll draw whatever kind of comic or illustration you want, in whatever style you want, whether it's for a gift, for your business, or just for yourself. Easy ordering, flat rates, and no hassle! Use the order form above to tell us what you need! Once we recieve your comic concept, I'll contact you to set a deadline, gather photos, and make payment arrangements. As soon as we receive your payment, we'll start drawing your comic.

What information do you need from me?
You can give us as much or as little information as you want. Some folks send us a full script. Others just tell us roughly what they're looking for, and let us be creative! If you want someone you know drawn into the comic we'll want to see a few good photos, and a little bit about their personality.

How many frames will fit on a page?
We will draw up to 5 simple panels per page, or one big beautiful illustration.

How long will this take?
Let us know when you need it, and we'll work it out. But the longer you give us, the better the comic will turn out.

What if I want a printed book?
For just 20 bucks you can get a professionally printed copy of your book that would look at home in any bookstore. Shipping is free to anywhere in the US. If you're ordering 5 or more copies of the book, it will be much cheaper than that. I'll talk to my printer and get you a better rate depending on the length and quantity.

What if I want a poster print?
I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you. Getting posters printed and shipped through the internet is not cheap! Chances are, there's a Kinko's down the road that can get you a lovely print of the high resolution file we send you for a few bucks in an hour. But if you want a high quality print delivered to your door, here are the rates (shipping within the US is free) Up to 11 x 11 inches is $30. Up to 15 x 15 inches is $35. Up to 23 x 23 inches is $40. Up to 35 x 35 inches is $60. Canvas printing, oversized printing and framing are also available, and also crazy expensive.

What is the deal with rights?
Each custom comic book comes with the full, nonexclusive rights to do whatever you want with it, even if you make a billion dollars off of it. You can make copies, post it online, sell it to a major publisher, whatever you like. We reserve the right to use the comic in our portfolios to show off our work. If you're interested in exclusive rights, just ask! No need to worry if we're working with your scripts or original characters, we make no claim to them!

Do I get to approve each stage of the process?
The production process of custom comics are set up to get work done fast, and cheap. This means that writing, penciling, and inking are done all in one go. We will make certain that the comic is of high quality, and fits all of the parameters we discussed prior to starting work. The finished product is sent "as-is". If there is a mistake, or a spelling error, we will make quick fixes, but if you want changes to the comic that will require redrawing or anything, we will have to negotiate a fair fee to do the extra work.